About Us

Welcome to CUSCO INKAICO TRAVEL AGENCY, a travel agency. We specialize in tours and hikes, and we have excellent human resources and are fully equipped to ensure the highest quality of service.

CUSCO INKAICO TRAVEL AGENCY offers a variety of tours and hikes in Peru. We will work with you to design your itinerary, as tourism is a fascinating activity for us. We hope you enjoy a magical and amazing experience with Peru’s tourist attractions.

Since Peru is a prominent tourist destination, our website www.viajesruth.com provides you with a complete travel guide with information about different tourist attractions in Peru and details of our services for both domestic and international tourists. We have a very important role and a great responsibility, which is to share with the world our valuable historical, cultural, and natural legacies, which are diverse in their highest expression.


Tourism is a very delicate activity that allows us to enjoy and share our tourist attractions, assuming social and economic responsibility with rural communities by contributing to their development. We are confident that, with constant creativity and innovation, along with the continuous trust given to us by our clients, we will stand out as a successful organization.


To responsibly and sustainably utilize Peru’s tourist resources through strategic partnerships with rural communities and different institutions in this sector, developing products that continually adapt to changes in tourists’ preferences.

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